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Section 8 Waiting List


How long is the Waiting List?

The length of the waiting list will vary. Basically, new clients can only be assisted when current clients leave the rental assistance program or if TMHA receives new funding. The number of clients leaving assistance each month will vary so it is hard to tell when you will be served. Our current procedure is to post a sign in the TMHA office that states that we are currently serving applicants who signed up on the waiting list before a specific date. (Month/Day/Year) This information can also be obtained by calling the office. The length of your wait is hard to estimate, but a wait of 6 months or more on the waiting list is not uncommon.

When can I sign up on the waiting list?

As of 4:00 p.m. on April 11, 2017 (see public notice above) the TMHA Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waiting list will be closed until further notice. No pre-applications for the waiting list will be accepted after this time.

What if I can't come in to sign up on the waiting list?

When the waiting list is open, the pre-application can be printed off the TMHA web-site, saving you the time to come in and pick  it up.  However, because of legal and confidentiality issues, an adult household member must come in personally to submit and sign the pre-application with TMHA personnel.  If you have personal issues that absolutely prevent your appearance at our office, call us to discuss the situation.

What if I am in an emergency situation?

The Section 8 program was not designed as an emergency intervention program, and we cannot use funding for this purpose. Each applicant must be placed on the waiting list. Sometimes emergency help can be provided by other agencies here in the community based on your specific circumstances.